The Mexican guitarrón is arguably the most successful, portable, acoustic bass. But, its rustic construction, vaulted back, lack of top bracing, short, fretless neck and wide spread 6 strings makes it a nightmare to play for most modern bass players. The Lamont Flatback has the same top dimensions but with proven scalloped X bracing, a more manageable 6” depth and a standard 34” scale, 12 fret neck. The bass fundamental is preserved in a smaller package. Get the LOW DOWN without the bulk. In the tradition of the Earthwood Bass, the Lamont Flatback is the first Acoustic Bass Guitar since 1985, to really have the volume of air needed to produce the deep bass notes without amplification. It comes with a monitor port and Fishman Pre-Sys 421 Bass EQ/Tuner for when you are ready to “move off the porch and onto the stage.” Lamont Flatback Standard models are available starting at a very reasonable price as well as Custom Shop, all solid wood instruments, handmade, one by one, by our luthier, Craig Wickstrom. You may also order your dream instrument with a quality Moses Graphite Inc. carbon graphite neck with many inlay options.

“The Lamont Flatback—all the bass without the bulk”


The Lamont “Throwback”: 8 inch depth for that full bass sound preferred by Michael Rhodes and Bobby Vega.

“The Lamont Flatback rocks!” —Michael Rhodes, Nashville’s most acclaimed bass player.

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