Lamont Models: Price USD
The Lamont Flatback 6” Standard $1,495.00
The Lamont Flatback 6” Sideman $1,995.00
The Lamont 6” Performer I & II $2,295.00
The Lamont Boatback TBA
The Lamont Flatback Throwback 8″ $2,495.00
High Gloss finish $395.00
Bound Head $100.00
Bound Fingerboard $150.00
Solid Walnut or Padauk back and sides $295.00
Rydin’ High! CD’s
Rydin’ High! California Gold (double album) $12.00
Rydin’ High! Meets Ed Brown $10.00
Rydin’ High! Way Out in California $10.00
Rydin’ High! With Cowboy Bill $10.00
Rydin’ High! Valley of the Gun $10.00
Bags and Cases:
Lamont Gig Bag, heavy Cordura with 20mm padding, fits 6” Earthwood. Black, Red embroidered Lamont logo $99.00
Hard Shell, Geib style, plush lined case fits most 6” Earthwood $299.00

What are we working on?

1. I have always heard that “An idle mind is the Devil’s workshop”. We are constantly dreamin’ and schemin’ how to improve these basses. We have worked and prototyped many systems to be able to remove the neck of these basses easily for transportation. You “world traveler” types who play bass are usually at the mercy of whatever bass the venue is able to provide. Usually it is some horrible bass borrowed from the Junior High for you to use.  Wouldn’t it be great to be able to take your favorite Lamont Flatback on the airplane without a lot of hassle and expense? We have been designing a removable neck that you can do in less than 5 minutes. Soon to come– a suitcase sized check through piece of luggage.

2. Lamont Boatback models: Some bass players have inquired why we don’t make a guitarrón shaped bass. That is the first instrument we prototyped. It is the most difficult to produce because of its intricate back. We have finally found a company that will supply us good quality bodies we can count on. (The guitarrones from Paracho, Mexico proved to be VERY rustic, irregular and prone to failure.)

We are prototyping a Mexican-style guitarrón with a 4 string, 34” scale neck. It is actually VERY easy to play. Because of the vaulted back, your right arm lays along the top and makes the playing position very comfortable. The Boatback, as I call it, has an even deeper bass sound than the Flatback. It is very pleasing. We will include a Fishman Presys EQ/Tuner and perhaps amonitor port on this bass as well as a gig bag. You may sign up in advance of production if this bass or any other calls to you.

Lamont Flatback 8″ Throwback model:

When we showed our new 6” Flatback Model at the NAMM show in January, we ran across a couple of professionals, (Bobby Vega, Michael Rhodes) who preferred the old, original Earthwood Bass that was 8 inches thick. It was an armful to be sure. They are preferred for the deep bass fundamental that they produce in recording. Because this model was originally dropped after two years we thought we would build the 6 inch that almost everyone prefers. To accommodate those who want an 8 inch, we are “jigging up” to make them on demand.  We had to purchase a special heating blanket to make drums and make a new mold and all new jigs to make these large basses. We have chosen to use the light, radial bracing like the original but reinforced.  I just got the first one–it is awesome!!

What are you dreaming of?

If you would like something special, please contact us. Perhaps a fretless neck or a different wood or finish is your dream. Perhaps your old Earthwood needs some TLC. Don’t send it to “Joe’s Repair and Sushi Shop” send it to us. We know these instruments the best—we build them!



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